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We just got done with a hotly-contested national election. (Pardon me for resurrecting the nightmare corpse from its shallow grave.) One of the most fun parts of that carnival was the “The Media Is Biased!” ride. Both sides vocally proclaimed that the Media was either selling out to its rich right-wing overlords or to its hippie liberal reporters’ ideals. Much time was spent on analysing stories and photos for propaganda.

Now it’s January and since we don’t have Our Nation’s Future to talk about anymore, we’re talking about everyone’s favourite New Year’s Resolution. It’s all fat-shaming, all the time.

“No wonder America is the Fattest Nation In The World!!”

“Obesity is driving up health care costs!”

“Americans are the fattest, laziest people who eat nothing but junk.”

All of these are propaganda; the CDC admits it. The bariatric specialists admit it. But it’s “good” propaganda because it’s supposedly going to make us healthier.

Yet everyone who was so against the media during the election, so eager to point out its many biases, rushes to believe these proven lies.

I have yet to fully understand why.


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