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It Is Finished


The forthcoming post will be about the last Harry Potter book, and my reactions to the initial read through.  This is a spoiler-filled post.  Do NOT click on the “More” link if you do not wish to be spoiled.  I will also add spoiler space after the “More” link for those of you who see my blog in a feedreader. 

So….let’s talk Potter… (more…)

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I’m sitting here in my nightgown sponging keystrokes into my sister’s laptop–seriously, I need klackity keys–and I can hardly contain my joy.

We’re just 7 hours away from The Book Release, and I’m frabjously excited.

I know some things about the book.  But it’s just enough to not be anxious about the content.   This has been a fun journey for the last 7 years, and I think that tonight will be a bittersweet finale.  I’m somewhat sad that all is coming to an end, but I’m delighted with all the friends I’ve made, conversations I’ve had and happy memories I’ve been able to store.

Accio Midnight!

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Dear Members Of Harry Potter For Grownups Yahoo Discussion Group:

I realise that many of you don’t want to read spoilers about the new book.  I understand that.  But guess what?  For the last 18 months I haven’t wanted to read your  theories about how Harry Potter=Jesus, how Ron and Buckbeak will get married, how Snape is a Vampire and how no one in your 9th grade class thinks you’re very cool.  Yet not surprisingly, these fascinating (?) emails filled my inbox by the HUNDREDS on a daily basis.  I’ve become very practiced at my use of the “delete” key whenever presented with 99.9% of the messages with a [HPfGU] tag.

I hope you all realise that the reason people are spoiling this group in droves, and spoiling you individually, is because you are all acting like whiny four-year-olds about it.   I’m thinking of calling the whaaambulance on the lot of you.

Yes, I wanted to be spoiled.  Yes, I understood the list has a no-spoilers policy.  Yes, I happily went elsewhere for my spoilers.

But frankly, the list has been nothing but talk about how your widdle feewings are hurt by spoilers.

Here’s a hint:  step a way from the Harry Potter news.  Full stop.   We all knew the spoiler trolls were going to be out in full force right about now.  Why?  Because the very excellent threat wielded for the past decade by Bloomsbury/Scholastic is now empty.   For the last two book releases, the publishers issued an ironclad edict that said any firm leaking the books wouldn’t be able to sell the future novels in the series.   That’s the equivalent of levying a multi-million dollar fine.   But now–who cares?  There are no more forthcoming chapters in the saga with which to blackmail booksellers.   And there are more than a few bookstore grunts who are irked by the extra security measures and the fact that they have to work until 4:00am on Saturday morning.

Who is surprised that they’re leaking this book–getting one big shot in at The Man?  Not me.

But I’m sick and tired of hearing you all whine about it.   I’ve got several readers who aren’t even reading my blog until August.  They’ve stepped away from the conversation.  I suggest you all do the same.  You can’t control everyone else, so if you don’t want to hear what’s being said–leave.   Or do as I do and master your use of “delete” or learn to killfile.

I joined this discussion group to talk about the literary construct of the Harry Potter books.   I haven’t wanted to read your little “filk” poems about how bad Snape is set to the tune of “Yellow Rose Of Texas”.   I haven’t much cared about most of the topics here.  Yet I’ve shut up–until today.

I find it hysterical that none of you realise you’ve made yourselves a target for spoilers by reacting so strongly against them.

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The Oddest Week of My Life continues.

Potter spoilers are piling up fast and furious.  I’ve talked to more than one person who has read the entire online copy; I’ve had more spoilers than I asked for.   I don’t care.  I’m still eager to hold that last copy in my hands, and to sink into the experience of finally–after seven years’ waiting–READ it.

I ate lunch yesterday at Atz’ Soda Shop.

When I was in high school I was in many plays.   Because we were a small school, those plays were held in the larger auditorium of Concordia Lutheran High School.   I spent many a night hanging out late at Concordia for dress rehearsals, tech rehearsals, prop set-up, stage set-up and just plain teenagerisms.   The Atz down the street was open late, and would often feed us suppers.  I flirted with guys I liked, laughed and joked.   Eating at Atz’ yesterday was a trip down memory lane.  I loved it.

I’m in a weird place because so much of what is happening this week begs to be written down, but I don’t have the silence of mind to get it all in a neat, digestible form.   I certainly don’t have the discipline right now to make it all entertaining.

Our plans have changed slightly with regard to the Harry Potter Party.  It turns out that the Allen Co. Public Library is hosting its own party, and will have books for sale from the BookMark–an independent bookseller.   That’s the party we’ll be at.  After covering all the parties for Music City Bloggers, I realised that the Chain stores are having Chain parties.  I assume that they’ll be fun, but still feel slightly “canned”–sort of like Vacation Bible School.

I imagine that every store in the chain will get a “Harry Potter Release Party Kit” from the Home Office In New York City.  While the Accidental Tourist vibe may be okay for some, I’d just as soon go to the party hosted by people who have to use their own ingenuity and put their own twist on things just for love of the books.   Besides which, the party is at the LIBRARY.   The library.  My secular church.  So, yeah.  I’m getting quite excited.

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No spoilers.

I promise that I’ve seen the last page of the book.  It’s real.  I won’t say another word about it, because if I do those of you who know me will be able to guess where it goes.

But I’ve seen it.  I got my way–like a kicking and screaming baby.

I’d post it here, but that’s very much against JKR’s wishes.   I suppose reading the last page ahead of the release date was also against her wishes, but frankly it’s in no way going to keep me from buying the book on Friday.   And I had wished for her to release the book on the 7th.  So there’s that.

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What I’ve Done Today

Combed the internet for Harry Potter spoilers.  I have read some of the worst-written fanfic in the world, all of which purports to be “leaked copies of the last book”.

Yes, I want to be spoiled.

I love spoilers.   I love the security of reading the book knowing ahead of time that x, y, and z will or won’t die.

For crying out loud, I’ve read each of the books at least five times apiece.   I clearly do not have a problem with ‘knowing what happens’ and having that knowledge ruin the experience for me.  I really would prefer to go into this last book cosseted with the knowledge of the various deaths ahead of time.

I can understand why most people don’t care to be spoiled, and that’s fine.   But me?  I would  love to be spoiled.  And my trusty interweb is letting me down.

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Yes, there are spoilers for the movie.  Because I’m “Liveblogging” . The review is after the jump.


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24 Hours Until

the IMAX 3D version of Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix rocks my face off.

I figure even if the movie bites the wax tadpole, the fact that it’s in 3D will be sufficient distraction for me to consider myself well-entertained.  How hard is it to feel cheated when the movie is COMING RIGHT AT YOU!!!

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…is no longer the last word in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So much for the nine trillion emails I have from people around the globe writing their versions of the book’s last sentence, complete with the word “scar”. Rowling had said YEARS ago that the last word of the books would be “scar”, and since then the fan world has been pondering just what that will mean.

Frankly, I’m having trouble thinking about The End. We now have only two weeks until the book gets here, and I’m full of dread. I’ll be quite happy to see how things turn out, but I’m going to be very sad to have this very long chapter of my life come to an end.

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Big News this morning for Harry Potter fans, fools and their money.
Universal Studios is set to open a Harry Potter theme park by 2009.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Universal Orlando Resort plan to open The Wizarding World of Harry Potter within Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park in 2009, Tom Williams, chairman and CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts, announced Thursday on TODAY. The “theme park within a theme park” is the first fully immersive Harry Potter-themed environment based on the best-selling books by J.K. Rowling and the blockbuster feature films.

Can you imagine how this would go over if Harry were to die in the last book? Not very well, I’m sure. Death does not sell roller-coaster tickets.

Will this finally get me into the Universal Studios themepark, and away from Disney World for even one precious day? I doubt it, but we’ll see.

The good news for us Disney fans is that this announcement, coupled with the fanatical success of Expedition Everest, may finally get the much-rumoured Bald Mountain coaster off the drawing board. Disney World is not a coaster-park destination per se, but they do pride themselves in having a very popular roller coaster “Mountain Range.” Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are the flakes of hot pepper on the Magic Kingdom Pizza. Disney Cast Members, fanatics and hopefuls have been tossing around rumours of a fourth “mountain” for awhile now. The Night on Bald Mountain coaster takes its name from that segment in the original Fantasia, and is said to be a villain-themed coaster. We’ve heard this rumour kicked around for at least 10 years now. I’ve personally heard it from at least four cast members at the parks and more than a dozen on-line Disneyphiles who claim to be current or former cast members.

So the news today looks as though the rumours of death for Harry Potter AND the Bald Mountain coaster were greatly exaggerated.

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