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I’m reading the best book I’ve read in a long time.

I hesitate to say that, because as soon as I start talking about how much I love this book it will turn to suck. I’m about 193 pages into it, however, and so I think it’s safe to say that at least the first 193 pages sing true in a way I haven’t experienced since Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

My only problem with this one is it seems to be yet another “Faith Vs. Reason” deal where Faith comes out looking like a rutting hog next to Reason in her shining locks and satin gown. Of course, there’s really no cause to write a Faith Vs. Reason book where Faith comes out ahead, since the platonic ideal was well-accomplished by John Irving more than a decade ago. (Seriously, if you haven’t read A Prayer For Owen Meany, please drop whatever you’re reading now and dive into that book.)

Anyway, back to this book I’m reading now. It’s called The Last Witchfinder, and is probably selling fairly well on the coattails of Harry Potter, even though it has about as much in common with those books as it does with Highlights Magazine.

For starters, this is a book narrated by another book–the principle action unfolds though the wry wit of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica. How can you NOT love something riddled with that conceit?   The rest of the story is smart, funny, and unique, and all written in a beautiful tone with poetic prose.    Not to spoil it too much, but there is one scene where Hooke poses as Newton and cusses out an entire town with some of the most wonderful profanities I’ve ever seen.    With language like that I do wonder why we’ve limited ourselves to the f-bomb as our most turgid curse, when there are phrases like (take the children into the other room) “twattwaddles” and “pudpounders” just laying out there discarded.

And come on! Who doesn’t want to read a book where Hooke poses as Newton?  That and that alone should intrigue you.

I do own this copy, so as soon as I’m done we can pass it around.  Maybe this time it will end better than that poor Grey’s Anatomy DVD.  (Again, I do apologise for forcing so many of you to get into that show right before it started sucking louder than a thirsty baby on a dry teat.)

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I think I may be in a bad mood, but I’m not sure.   It may be one of those moods that seems fine, but then after people spend half the day looking at you with that “geez, what’s YOUR deal?” face, you realise that maybe you got up on the wrong side of the planet.

I’ve realised a couple of things in this odd mood of mine.   Firstly,  Grey’s Anatomy is no longer a show about friends facing life’s problems.   It’s now a show about selfish people steamrolling everyone around them in order to get what they want.   I don’t think I’m at the place in my life where that can be something I look at for entertainment.   I know I said that a few weeks ago, but I really wanted to give them a chance.   They were in reruns for so long that I thought perhaps I just hadn’t been fair.  Last night’s episode really sat on my stomach like bad meat.   The whole ham-handed “penis fish” speech of Izzie’s was bad enough.  But Derek breaking it off with Meredith was a slap in the face to the audience that has made this show.  Now they’re just jerking us around.

The other thing is that it now occurs to me that Cat Stevens’ “Oh Very Young” is really a depressing song.   It’s got a happy little tune, but underneath the happy-jaunty music is a song about how we’re all gonna die and once you get old you don’t care about things anymore so you young people better make a difference.   Wow.  Bummer City, Cat.

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Dear Grey’s Anatomy:

What the frak? Seriously. When did this show decide that it was going to devolve from a discussion of smart young people trying to find their way in the world and become instead a soapy Kama Sutra-A Go-Go?

Are you trying to convince me to never again have surgery? Because from what I can tell based on your program all surgeons are too busy worrying about their dead mothers and live libidos to actually pay attention to the practice of medicine.

And really, I’m kind of insulted at the recent turn you’ve taken with George. We are all well-aware (whether we wanted to be or not) that the actor playing George is gay in real life. So of course it appears that you’ve done one of the things I hate more than anything else–you’ve gone overboard to butch him up.

George’s original character served a valuable function on the show. He was the representation of heart, emotion and whole person caring, and served to show how badly modern medicine is lacking in these aspects. Yet all of a sudden–not too long after the ‘f—-t’ incident, George became Playboy extraordinare. We left interesting directions about his response to his father’s death, his defiance of his mentor and idol Burke and his maturing as a practitioner on the floor. Instead we get to have week after week dedicated to how much of a lusty buck he is–desired by women of all body types and ethnicities! It’s insulting. We in the audience never really cared that TR Knight was gay. Now this protracted playing out of “the actor may be gay but the character is SOOOO not!!!” is getting old. [It’s the flipside of my “I’m REALLY Straight” theory. 99% of the time that a straight actor plays a gay character they give about a jillion interviews waxing poetic about their wife and kids just to prove that the character they play on tv has nothing to do with them in real life. That dude who played “Will” on Will& Grace did this all the time.]

And speaking of those women who are now so hot for George’s doughy, puny bod, Izzy seems to have all of a sudden forgotten that the love of her life (whom she helped kill) is as dead as Latin. Now we’re supposed to believe, after many protracted weeks of her moroseness that Denny is a faint memory compared to her thang for George. I don’t buy it.

In fact, I wonder what happened to the show’s writers. This more and more feels as though the original writing team got tired of their jobs and handed off the work to a B-Team of soap opera veterans.

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