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This was originally a comment on an interview at Mike Duran’s blog.   The original interview–with Stephanie Drury of Stuff Christian Culture Likes–had the following exchange:

MIKELoaded question: Do you think it’s possible to believe homosexuality is a sin and still be a “good Christian”?

STEPHANIE: It depends on how you define a “good Christian.” If by it you mean someone who falls in line with what their pastor or denomination says, then yes. If by it you mean someone who engages the teachings of Jesus fully and thoughtfully, then no.


I have a real problem with us trying to define what appropriate Christianity is beyond the boundaries of what is outlined in the New Testament. So I have as much problem with Ms. Drury’s assertion that one cannot be a conscientious Christian while still holding to the idea that homosexuality is a sin.

My personal position on this has been stated numerous times in numerous venues. I don’t think it’s my place to determine the sins of other individuals, nor is it my place to determine the status of another person’s spiritual walk (unless I am bonded to that person through vows of marriage or the God-given responsibility of parenthood or guardianship.)

It troubles me when humans attempt to take on that role.

But I’m also troubled by how homosexuality has become the shibboleth of Christianity. Not Grace. Not faith in Jesus. No…where you stand on the sexual behaviour of people who are often strangers to you. That has become the watchword for establishing Christian bona fides in this era and that to me is horrifying.

Nearly every conversation  about the state of following Christ comes down to this “what do you think about those people over there?  Are they doing it wrong?” test.  That’s so appalling.   I’m a follower of Jesus.  That is in itself a full-time job defined for me by Jesus’ instructions.

Please stop making it about whatever background music you want to underscore.

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