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So I’m just sitting here reading my Twitter feed and we’re on the third day or so of this whole ‘Revolutions are cool when the blood runs in someone else’s street’ deal. Not a month since everyone applauded President Obama in Cairo for telling the world we think Democracy is not a universal solution and we’re changing our mind about that.

Iran better get Democracy, darn it, and they better do it today!

I guess since some of the folks on the barricades in Iran were actually using Twitter to get the story out there that made other Twitterers feel like they were in on the action, too.

There were some seemingly good ideas at first–changing your settings to fool the Iranian Bad Guys, not taking Twitter down for scheduled maintenance–that seemed in the spirit of things.

But now everyone and her brother are changing their Twitter avatars to green to show support for democracy in Iran. Because somewhere in the midst of all the shooting and killing and deposing heads of warring factions one of these crazed powermad Iranians is sure to say ‘Wow! Look at all the little green boxes on Twitter! I must change my ways and step down and put a stop to all this killing I’m doing!’

It makes no sense to me. I understand that it’s hard to watch people struggle from afar and feel like we can’t change anything.

I also understand that most of the people I see with green avatars are the same people I know to most loudly protest our actual attempts to REALLY get inolved in bringing Democracy to the Middle East.

It confuses me because it seems to elevate the empty gesture over making the hard choice to actually get involved for real.

Sadly the truth of the thing is that if you want to really get involved in showing support for Democracy in Iran–or Iraq–the only colour that changes things is blood red.

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I love how storms remind you that you’re not in control. That things outside of you can alter your world in seconds. I love how a storm teases and plays with what we think is normal. And yet storms have been here longer than us and will be here after we’ve gone on.

Storms make me feel human. I’m going to step outside now and look up at the greenish sky and think of all the places the rain has been before it came here.

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I used to be an active political blogger. I started to recede into the woodwork after my dog died. I couldn’t stand all the nastiness. All the sick expressions of hate for people who merely disagreed about politics.

Yesterday I was away from my desk and so I missed all the play-by-play story broken by Newscoma about the racist email sent out by a secretary working at the legislature.

The email was racist, no doubt about it. Kleinheider sums up my feelings on the play by play pretty well.

But I have one tiny problem. In all of the “Gosh, we’re offended and SHOCKED!” comments at Newscoma’s, one of the folks jokingly “fixed” the email, replacing other presidents with other caricatured photos. Bozo for Reagan, Hillary for Bill Clinton….and Hitler for GWBush.

That kind of humour comes from the same place as racist humour in my book. It comes from a place of blind hatred. It comes from a place of not wanting to cooperate or get along or even coexist peacefully. I understand not wanting to compromise a political agenda. I understand being anti-bipartisanship. After all, if you were for bipartisanness you wouldn’t–by definition–be partisan. I myself am not for bipartisanship because as a libertarian the concept of “bipartisanness” denies my very existence. I am not one of the two parties that even gets talked about being considered.

Nevertheless I don’t believe that it is fair to point at another fellow’s expression of hatred, cry “foul” and then laugh at your own same behaviour.

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An important woman in my life–we won’t say which one, just incase this entry can be tied back to her in any way–has had a horrible run in with her employer.

This isn’t the first time. In fact it’s about the fourth or fifth time. And I shouldn’t even use the word “run-in” because that implies she did something. I should use the phrase “was a victim of the abusiveness of” because that’s what it is. He is forever losing his temper in the direction of his employees–often in front of their customers.

This time was even worse. He asked this woman and several of her colleagues to sit in on the interview process for several candidates–two of the candidates are his personal friends and have worked at this company before. They had been laid off and were being reinterviewed.

After the interviews were over he told this woman and her colleagues that they were off the record. He then asked for feedback about all the interviewees. One of the 2 friends of his is not suited for the job. She wasn’t suited the first time around and spent the year she worked there complaining about how she didn’t like it and wanted a similar job in the same field but in a slightly different arena. So this woman and her coworkers told her boss this.

The boss then went to his church on Sunday (do NOT get me started on that mess…) and told another person everything that was said “off record”. He then said that he thought it was “unChristian” of my Important Female to have said what she said about the woman who never wanted the job when she had it and now only wants it because she doesn’t want to be unemployed.

The church friend he told all this to? The OTHER interviewee/candidate. Yeah. How inappropriate is that? Well, this tends to be a gossipy workplace anyway and when word got back to my female friend she went to him and tried to smooth over the waters. His response was to threaten her job. He can’t fire her but he’s put her on notice that she’s being moved to handle the official scutwork position in her department.

I have driven a car once in the last three years. I am currently not allowed to drive because of my pain meds and inconvenient habit of sometimes not being able to control what my hands and feet actually do. I say all of this because if I could drive I would have gotten in my car and travelled the distance to where all of this was happening. I would have called down the fire of the wrath of God on the head of this horrible horrible man. I would have made him fear life more than he fears death. And I would have done it with the blazing anger in my eyes. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. You see, you do not cross my loved ones. There is no telling what I will do. One of the last times someone tried such a foolhardy move it ended in lawyers and bankruptcy. Not mine.

So I’m trying to decide how to best channel this wrath to get the deserved outcome for the horrible bit of dogs vomit that this man is. Stay tuned.

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I’m still scratching my head over the amount of high-dudgeon among my left-leaning friends.

From what I can tell in the aftermath of yesterday’s horrible mess of Tennessee Citizens taking back their rights, everything is happening the way it should in the America I was told this was.

Everybody has their rights. Gun people have the right to bear their arms with them wherever they go. Restaurant people have the right to say “this is my restaurant and you can’t bring that gun in here.” Gun people then have the right to go to a different restaurant where they can eat with their gun.

It seems pretty logical to me. Pretty harmless. A lot less offensive than constricting the free commerce and movements of gun owners.

I’ve remained silent on this because I wanted to see how it played out. But the way I see it, and what I’ve been wanting to say all along is this. The people who have concealed carry permits–who would be able to keep their gun on their person–are the best-qualified gun owners around. A gun in their hands is safer than a steak knife by the plate of a woman who has just been told that her dining partner is having an affair and is about to leave her. A gun in the hands of person with a concealed carry permit is safer than a bottle of half-drunk beer next to a man who doesn’t like to have his manhood questioned.

A gun in the hands of a person with a concealed carry permit is as much or more of a constitutional right than the free speech ability of all of the bloggers who are writing about how horrible it is.

I now see there is a new website created to provide folks with information on “safe” places to eat. I think that’s a great thing. You can use your first amendment rights. Gun people can use their second amendment rights. Everything is as it should be.

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They’re asking over at Publishers Weekly. Here’s my answer.

Women’s Fiction is a lot of things.

–“I will lose these last 10lbs. by Christmas.”
–“People will love me more if I lose these last 10lbs.”
–“It’s my fault he cheated.”
–“What I believe about issues isn’t important.”
–“My voice will never be heard.”
–“I am not worthy of holding out for the right partner.”
–“It’s okay to settle for second best.”

Now as for what fiction is most appealing to women….I think it depends on the time, the life circumstance and the desires and experiences of each individual woman.

It’s whatever makes us think, laugh and understand. It’s whatever makes us feel better about the world and our place in it.

There is a lot of fiction out there. I think of Women’s Fiction as that which, like women, nurtures and gives care. It can be sexy or funny or full of lusty descriptions of delicious foods. It can be about fashion–if you’re into that, and I’m so hopelessly lost when it comes to that–or family.

Good Women’s Fiction is like your best self on your best day. It’s beautiful, confident, has good taste and is fun to be around.

Hat Tip: Susan Wiggs via Twitter (@susanwiggs)

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I don’t expect you to believe me. I can only testify.

I was writing an entry at my RA patient’s forum. In the middle of the entry, as I wrote about the spiritual insight I received on Sunday in the ER I put on Gaither Vocal Band’s “Alpha and Omega”

Half way through the song I stopped typing. I was so moved in the Spirit of our Lord that I raised my hands in praise and just sang along. The longer I sang I felt the pain completely and utterly leave my body for the first time in six and a half weeks. By the end of the song my hands–my blissfully pain-free hands-were clenched. Clenched. Not in pain but in fists of truimph as I felt Christ’s mercy and salvation triumph over my temporary state.

I promise you that this God, this salvation, this deliverance is real. And even though the pain will come back–this is my journey for this time assigned for the glorification of God–the peace, the incredible peace and the victory are here. In this time and now and forever.

The entry I wrote at RA Connect is after the jump. (more…)

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It was whatever time it was (there was much confusion early on about that, as you’ll soon read) and I was sick of Friends reruns. (Rachel and Ross deserve each other) so I decided to LiveTwitter the Obama Address at Cairo. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, (@mycropht) I’d like to first congratulate you for resisting the Borg. Then I’d also like to paste the ‘Tweets’ in here. So that way I don’t have to write a real blog entry. #Lazy (more…)

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I just read that last post about Monells and realised that this is one of those days where my anger and frustration in one aspect of my life bleeds over into something else.

I’m not happy about Monells’ financial trouble. In fact I’m quite sad about it. I love their food. I love the atmosphere in the Germantown location (I haven’t been to any other…) But that post reads as though I was happy to see it happen. Not at all.

It’s odd how on some days like today I automatically seek out the internet when I should probably stay away from it more than any other time.

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I’m kind of bummed to hear about Monell’s filing for Chapter 11. But I have to admit that I saw it coming after our last visit.

The food was wonderful. The company was wonderful.

But Monell’s has two huge drawbacks.

1. The meal costs a lot and you can’t take home left overs.

For someone like me who loves the food but only enjoys about $3.50 worth of it, I just can’t justify spending the other $10-12 bucks for the priveledge of watching everyone else enjoy the food I’m too full to eat. I haven’t eaten a restaurant meal in 5 years that hasn’t had most of it going home in a take-away box. Monell’s business model just didn’t seem to allow for people like me. So our visits were sadly infrequent.

2. Parking.

I’ve lived here for 18 years. Lack of parking is what kills any business in Nashville, if you ask me. I’ve said it a bunch of times but it bears repeating to anyone thinking of starting a business around here. There is a lot of competition for consumer dollars, especially in the food-providing business. For every type of meal I ever get hungry for I know of at least three options. 9 times out of 10 my husband and I will choose to go to the place where we don’t have the added aggravation of trying to find a place to stow our car.

I realise this sounds lazy, but in reality it’s a matter of practicality. When we go out to eat it’s for a treat and for relaxation. Stressing over finding something to do with the car is a big hit to both the sense of enjoyment of the evening and the relaxation we derive from it.

Monell’s beautiful Germantown location had miserable parking.

It’s a shame and it makes me sad to see them go. If they are indeed going. I can’t tell from the linked article if the Chapter 11 will involve them shuttering the place.

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