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The ad campaign for this drug drives me batcrap crazy.

And I’m not the only one.

Young ladies, please note that you will not be one LESS. Rather you will be one FEWER. Whenever numbers are referred to, the proper word is “fewer”. “Less” refers to overall mass not enumerated.

Also, this is neither here nor there but how tickled was I during my Wire marathon when the newspaper staff pointed out that buildings are evacuated, not people.

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Lost: It’s About Time

I suppose I could spend a long time coming up with “ohhh COOL” observations and definitions for “31” to explain the symbolism of the Time Difference both on and off the island. I won’t, though, because I’m too busy thinking about the deeper implications. This new wrinkle (in time! ha!), coupled with the Faraday character and the deal with Desmond and the older version of himself last year reinforces for me that the crux of Lost is going to be Time and Relevant Dimensions in Space. (Sorry, BOM!) I think the island is all about using electromagnetism to alter the movement of time on earth.

The philosophy of electromagnetism altering time is an old physics/philosophy dorm room geek wank, and I think the Lost writers are bringing it to television in a quasi-entertaining format.

I’ll let someone else explain the basics for me:

time moves at 186,000 miles per second in every direction. Because photons are perfect ellipses, they can attach to time, kind of like a rider on a bus. This is why time seems to slow down as you approach this speed… Time doesn’t slow down, it just does not pass as fast. In fact, to a photon, time does not pass at all.

The Lostpedia has a great breakdown on this and it’s one I’m subscribing to even more strongly after tonight’s episode.

Really, though, as much fun as my theoretical physics hobbyism is, I’m just glad they turned in an episode with a decent amount of entertainment. They had gripping story elements most of the way through, with only one exception.

I cannot believe that someone as savvy in the realms of cruelty as Sayid Jarrah would NOT realise the blond he fell for was a baddie. Maybe instead of taking all those torture classes he should have watched more TV. Then he would see the obvious along with the rest of us. He would also know that saying something like “the minute I give over my life to [Ben] is when I sell my soul.” Because that means we ALL knew from that moment on his flash-forward employer was Ben.

Can I just say how much of a valentine’s present it was to me that they didn’t let Jack participate in Sayid’s Charlotte web?! I’m so happy that people are pulling away from worshipping at the altar of Jack.

Although I do feel that the show’s writers are often like Locke in search of the cabin. They’re waiting for someone to tell them what comes next.

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I’ve wondered aloud and in quiet for many months about why this particular condition has befallen me. Perhaps there is an answer after all.

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Dear B______:

I used to love you passionately.    I looked forward to looking at you from the moment I woke up.   You were usually the last thing to pass before my eyes and I’d think of you fondly as I fell asleep.   What would we do together the next day?  What would I say to you?

Things have changed.  Almost imperceptibly at first.   I stopped caring as much about you as I used to.   I started caring about others and wanting to do different things than the same things we always did together.    I found new people and new interests.   One day I woke up and realised that I just didn’t love you in the same way.   That what we had together has faded with time.    When I first became aware that I was no longer in love I was extremely sad.  It broke my heart and I tried to figure out what I had done wrong.  Where I had gone wrong.   Eventually I shed all my tears and got used to not having you be there all the time.

Now when I see you most of the heartache has passed and I can enjoy your company briefly, the way old lover can share a random coffee on an afternoon years after they’ve stopped living together.

Valentine’s day isn’t the best day for acknowledging a loss of love, but then again…maybe it is.  Maybe by saying “I don’t love you” you can define what love truly is for yourself and what you truly need to bring to and take away from love.

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I’m in peace.

This is one of those fine filaments of moment where all is right whether in reality or not.   It’s a hot cup of cider drunk a third the way down.   It no longer scalds and isn’t yet tepid and old.

Little songs flit through my head and I hear the best pieces of Beethoven in the corner of my mind.    My dog ate my Valentine candy but I didn’t mind after I saw his smile.   I have love and am loved and can give love.    The smile on my dog was love and music and dancing.

I hear love and music and dancing and I don’t miss diamonds.   I might miss my chocolate but there is always more of that to be had.

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Everything I’ve started to write has sounded really artificial–like some submission to a university magazine where sophomore English Lit majors wax poetic about breakups and bad college sex. I’m stuck having bits and pieces of ideas, but nothing long enough for a Meaningful Post. So here are the abridged Meaningful Paragraphs.

[Okay.  So I lied.  Once I got started rambling about HGTV I couldn’t stop and it goes on for a looooong time.  So I just moretagged it.]

The Misuse Of Numbers

People who like numbers often say that they enjoy them because they are always concrete. Three is never five, and two plus two is always four. That reputation for absolute rightness that numbers enjoy is leading us to all kinds of problems now that the love of all things Science has morphed into ScienceLite. Schools think kids are not smart if they don’t get certain numbers on various tests. Magazine editors think you are unattractive if your dress size has double digits and insurance companies have put a lot of faith in the absolute cack of BMI. It seems that a lot of folks with weak ideas are trying to shore up their theories by trading on the “never wrong” rep of numbers. And it’s breaking society as we know it.

Post Inflammatory Arthritis Baby Presents

Patrick and Lydia have given birth to a baby boy. Well, Lydia anyway. Patrick contributed 50% of the genetic material and some other supportive stuff along the way, but I imagine Lydia bore the brunt of the exercise. Anyway, they’ve now got this baby and I realise that this is the second baby for whom I have been unable to knit a baby blanket. (The Sarcastrolet was the first.) That kind of ticks me off, because there’s something special about presenting someone with a handmade present that just isn’t there with the other stuff you give. Although I’m sure that truth be told all these parents would rather have something from a store than from my yarn bag. I realised that I need to buckle down and get them some kind of present instead of pouting about not being able to knit something. So P&L if you read this, that’s my problem.

My HGTV addiction By Show


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The Art Of Noise

I can’t sleep without white noise, and it turns out that my husband really can’t either.  I’ve brainwashed him with 17 years of the stuff.

For 10 of those 17 years we’ve had a small ceramic heater that we used on the “fan only” setting.   When that conked out over the weekend we were desperate.   Yesterday the husband took his lunch hour to run to Walgreens for a replacement. It’s either that or be awake all the time.

Fifty bucks later he came home, plugged it in and turned it on.

Turns out it was a special new “noiseless” fan.   Back to Walgreens, back to getting our money back, back to square one.

HOWEVER–and this may help any of you afflicted with a similar need–it turns out there are many places online to download white noise mp3s.  So with the help of a $300 iPod, a $200 Griffin Journi and a free mp3 I think we’ll be sleeping like babies.

Oh yeah.   Most of the White Noise MP3s are for babies.

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Ask Auselio has the planned schedule of various scripted programs’ return to broadcast.

The ones I care about?

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I’m not voting for him.  I’ve said repeatedly–and stand by my statement–that at this point I feel more strongly about making a statement with my vote.  I’ll either vote for Ron Paul or write in Thomas Jefferson.  I don’t expect my vote to count for anything other than my official registration with the government of the United States of my dissatisfaction with its current operations.

But if Obama becomes president, I don’t think I’ll mind.   I’ve not seen him stir up groundswells of hate like I have other candidates on both sides of the aisle.  I don’t think he’s old enough to have outgrown his idealism and I don’t think he’s angry enough to have too much of a destructive agenda.

I can’t say the same about any of the other candidates.

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Oprah’s new Book Club Pick is available for download on iTunes! Woohoo!

From the description:

Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence.

That’s the Amazon description. The iTunes description is much more, er, florid with lots of backchat about a “radical inner leap from the current egoic consciousness.”

In other words….Think about yourself really hard so that you can stop thinking about yourself. The world will be a better place if everyone weren’t always thinking about themselves. Think about that and how it affects…yourself.

I have never heard of Eckhart Tolle before this moment in time, to be quite honest. So I looked him up. He has books, DVDs, audiotapes. He gives lectures. None of these books, DVDs, audiotapes or lectures are free. So clearly ET is caught up enough in his own egoic consiousness to believe that the ideas borne of his egoic consciousness are worth your hard-earned money. If he were truly transcending his egoic consciousness (I love that term for its basic redundancy!) then he would give away his message.

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