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I think I may be in a bad mood, but I’m not sure.   It may be one of those moods that seems fine, but then after people spend half the day looking at you with that “geez, what’s YOUR deal?” face, you realise that maybe you got up on the wrong side of the planet.

I’ve realised a couple of things in this odd mood of mine.   Firstly,  Grey’s Anatomy is no longer a show about friends facing life’s problems.   It’s now a show about selfish people steamrolling everyone around them in order to get what they want.   I don’t think I’m at the place in my life where that can be something I look at for entertainment.   I know I said that a few weeks ago, but I really wanted to give them a chance.   They were in reruns for so long that I thought perhaps I just hadn’t been fair.  Last night’s episode really sat on my stomach like bad meat.   The whole ham-handed “penis fish” speech of Izzie’s was bad enough.  But Derek breaking it off with Meredith was a slap in the face to the audience that has made this show.  Now they’re just jerking us around.

The other thing is that it now occurs to me that Cat Stevens’ “Oh Very Young” is really a depressing song.   It’s got a happy little tune, but underneath the happy-jaunty music is a song about how we’re all gonna die and once you get old you don’t care about things anymore so you young people better make a difference.   Wow.  Bummer City, Cat.

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UPDATE:  Feel free to just skip this post.   I should have followed my normal rule and sat on it for at least an hour.   I overreacted.   Since I don’t delete whole posts I can’t delete it.   But I do want to run it with a giant flashing “I was in a really bad unrelated mood” sign. (more…)

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Saturday Night I had food, fun and fellowship with a bunch of women. Part of the “fellowship” was us talking about areas where we disagree, but realising that either we didn’t disagree as much as we thought we did or that we didn’t really have a full understanding of the other “side”s beliefs. I’m a conservative libertarian (Sorry to all the Davids who disagree on this, but it’s true.) There were others there who were conservative-ish, several progressives and more than a few who seem to defy categorisation–if only because they don’t talk that much about politics.

We had fun and civil discussions, from which we came away having learned more about our friends.

Seriously. Why can’t this kind of stuff get on Talk Radio? Why can’t there be a calm, reasonable, “let’s talk about the issues as we see them and learn from each other” show without shouting and braggadocio? Why must all of the talk radio be embarrassing examples for their points of view? I know the general wisdom is that people are not entertained by reason. Somehow I think that is not only untrue, but we are very soon going to see a shift toward more reasoned discussion. This country is becoming more and more fed up with the Shouty McIgnoreyous on the radio right now. We could use a crosstalk program that was informative and kind, not abrasive and mean.

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I’m so sick of hearing about this weekend’s upcoming “Sales Tax Holiday” that it’s not even funny. I’m sick of the politicians acting as though they’ve done some magnanimous thing by granting us the right to purchase a few goods for 10% off.

Meanwhile, these same “magnanimous” fraktards are down at the Statehouse trying to figure out a way to keep taxing our FOOD spending.

Here’s the thing, you ‘generous’ fellows:

I do not need a computer. I do not need glue sticks. I do not need Toughskins Jeans or Trapper Keepers.

I do need food. I’m on a very tight budget right now, and saving 10% on food means that I get to eat for TWO EXTRA DAYS for the same money.

So let’s quit patting ourselves on the back for this stupid “holiday” and do some meaningful tax-reduction work.

UPDATE: the Bad Doggie, No Schools Version

So I sent a little email to salestax.holiday@state.tn.us to let them know that I cared not one fiddler’s fart about this whole tax holiday in light of the fact that the State government continues to overcollect massively and that a food tax reduction was needed. I received this reply: (more…)

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Next time I whine about being sick or in pain and you think to yourself “why doesn’t Kat just go to the doctor?” just read this and you’ll have your answer.

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Well, that was boring.  I think we got a grand total of 4 minutes of interesting/entertaining action, thinly spread over a lot of dull.

  • Sun speaks for all of us when she says “Go Away, Kate!” and “I want answers”.
  • Unfortunately, Sun DOES not act for all of us.   She has a golden opportunity to take Jack out with her shovel and promptly bury his body in the freshly dug earth of her garden.  But does she? NO!
  • Heh.  Her garden is under a big W.
  • I can’t come up with anything more deep and philosophical from tonight’s episode other than a brief notation that the pilot was wounded with a side piercing just like Christ.
  • Who on earth walks into the jungle in the dead of night with someone they already suspect of foul deeds?   Seriously, if the baby doesn’t kill Sun, Darwinism will.
  • It’s really getting tedious that the Others don’t just pop on over to the Beach Boys and say “hey, welcome to the Island.  We’ve got a few problems, and need your help.   We’ll trade you some chicken and teevee for a shot at your biological matter.”   That would get things done in a much more interesting fashion than all this skulking and skullduggery.
  • You’d think that if the island can heal your paralysis, up your sperm count and, heck,  bring you back to life, that you would get your eye back and some work done on your teeth as well.   Seriously, that Russian dude got a bum deal.
  • So we sat through all the boring stuff about “shame yo mama’s a ho” just to get to the big reveal that the plane had been found and all the passengers were dead.    I reckon this will cause the Purgatory theory to come up again, even though it was debunked.   Frankly, I think the Island is about regeneration, hence the reappearance of Comrade Patchy.    At this point, though, they’re taking too long to get there.

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Prepare for Verse #612 followed by the refrain “Why I Am A Libertarian”

Even though it’s about water, this may be a dry post. I’ll try to keep it entertaining. According to David Oatney, his Rep, Frank Nicely has introduced a bill about bottled water. It sounds like a nice enough thing, and it sounds like the Government is Looking Out For Us Guys. The bill requires that

bottled water companies and distributors who do business in Tennessee to reveal via label the amount of fluoride in their water.

Now, ostensibly this is a “consumer protection measure” because some studies are now out which say that flouride is bad for various folks. Sounds nice, right? Frank Nicely (isn’t that the BEST name for a politician?) wants to keep folks safe from the dangers of flouride.

Here’s what I find most interesting. Even Oatney’s piece admits that English Mountain Spring Water is a business within Nicely’s home district. I’m sure that EMSH20 faces direct competition from Aquafina, Evian, and other large bottlers. EMSH20 favours the bill, of course. (Something tells me they have less flouride content in their water than the other guys.)

This little nothing piece of legislation is so much of everything I hate about the way we do government in the twenty-aughts.

  1. “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to Help!”  Frank Nicely assures you that he wants to protect you from the dangers of flouridation.
  2.  Nevermind that the jury is still out on whether or not flouridation is harmful.   Nicely is gently using scare tactics (“Don’t Drink The Water!”)
  3.  to provide a local business with an unfair advantage and what amounts to free advertising provided by the State Legislature.

How free is the “free market” when laws like Nicely’s would keep competitors out of EMSH20’s market, or label the competitors’ products as dangerous?

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You know what bugs me?  People who have a conversation with you, but aren’t really having a conversation with you.  It’s more like they’re just replaying their regular tape, with you as the audience.

This has happened a lot recently.  I just got off the phone with someone who does it.   I’ve had maybe 30 conversations with this person over the course of a year and every time we talk he says the same thing.   Tells the same jokes and has the same anecdotes.

I’d say more about it, but now I think I better look through my blog archives to see if I’ve already written a post on this.

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I am sick of Spiderman 3.  When the first previews came out, oh, roughly around my Senior Year in High School it seemed like a good movie.  Spiderman was alright and I really enjoyed Spiderman 2, but I cannot get away from 3.   It’s starting to remind me of a Corker campaign commercial.  Every magazine I pick up has a S3 cover, foldout ad, or story.   Every show I’ve TiVo’d has an S3 commercial.   Whenever I go to the movies there’s an S3 trailer.     Many of us in the audience for the most recent airing of the S3 trailer actually groaned.   This comforts me, because it means I am not alone.   There are other people tired of seeing that black tar suit creep up Toby Maguire’s skinny body.

What posessed Warner Brothers to advertise this movie so saturatingly?  It’s not as though people won’t go see it.   Spiderman 3 is the first blockbuster of the Summer season.   Whenever movies like this roll around in May, filmgoers are desperate.   We’ve had many long months of Deep Meaningful Films and are ready for some computer generated blowin’ up.    We’ll see anything.   I know whereof I speak, because I paid cash money for the opening weekend of Van Helsing.    So we’re all gonna go see Spiderman 3.

Please stop advertising it now.

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On the back of the bottle of charcoal lighter fluid I just threw away:

Warning: Combustible Mixture

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