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I did make it to church today. Well, at least the Sunday School part. I’m glad I did, because there was much true reaching of God in that room this morning. And now I have a hymn as a brainworm, and I have these few words recirculating constantly:

frail children of dust, and feeble as frail

I should probably venture over to Google to see which hymn that actually is.

In just a few more hours we’ll have the Evening Of Really Good TV. It’s the Battlestar Galactica season finale, followed by the Rome series finale. I’m thoroughly unspoiled, but I’m betting that
1) Starbuck comes back from the dead by the end of BSG.
2) Pullo has to kill Caeserion.
3) Vorenus kills Pullo OR Pullo kills Vorenus.

I’m settling in for the heartbreak on all of this. I’ve loved Rome, and really would have liked to see them hold out for enough seasons to get 75 years further down the pike to include the birth of Christianity and that nutter, Nero. But of course I’m still angry at Rome‘s great expense costing us the fourth, conclusive season of Deadwood.

Can I say “cocksucker” on my blog if I’m referring to a lollipop made specifically for male chickens? Or no?

Effluvia Update:  I guess it’s my blog so I can say what I want.  I’ll just hear about it later.  Or people will stop reading because of my foul mouth.   Or foul fingering, in this case.  Ha!  Is it ‘fowl fingering’ ?  Also, foul fingering sounds diiirty.

And I did go look up the hymn (talk about your sharp turns!) and it is “Oh Worship The King”.

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Neil Diamond


that is all.

P.S.  Hot August Night is the greatest live album ever.

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For Terry Frank (and everyone else)


Rooster, you must concentrate on the game. The town is up to here with high players. The Pigs’s in
town. Texas Longhorn Joe, Heifer Red.
Rooster: I know, I know, I could make some scratch, but to make some scratch, I need some scratch. A thousand
bucks, where do I get it?
The Barnyard gang wants a grand, but we ain’t got a grand on hand.
And they now got a lock on the door to the farmyard threshing floor.
There’s a stock room behind McKlucky’s Bar, but Mrs. McKlucky ain’t a good scout.
And things being how they are, the back of the slaughterhouse is out!
So the Barnyard gang has the spot, but the one thousand bucks we ain’t got.
Why, it’s good old reliable Rooster, Rooster, Rooster, Rooster Ill’nois,
If you’re looking for action, he’ll turn it to spot,
Even when the heat is on, it’s never too hot.
But for the good old reliable Rooster, oh it’s really not at all far,
To the oldest established permanent floating crap game in The Barn.

(Inspired by Terry Frank &

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  • Well, I think after reading more in depth about Fred, I’m firmly back on the Ron Paul bandwagon. I just don’t see Fred as my ideological counterpart in this race. Regardless, I think it’s time for me to vote outside the box for once. I’m really tired of picking the lesser-rotting apple out of two. We’ve all seen how well that works.
  • I have to go to church tomorrow and I’ll be honest. I don’t want to. I’m really feeling very introverted and not at all in the mood to fraternise. But that’s not all that’s bothering me. The last Sunday I was there, some man I don’t know stood up in our homeroom session and asked for donations. You see, my Sunday School department is having a marriage retreat, and they apparently want people to donate door prizes. Yes. That’s right. In a world where people are starving and homeless…in our Sunday School department where at least three families (that I know of) are having grave financial and health struggles we are soliciting for door prizes. Something about that seems so fiddle-y while America burns-ish. Then again, it’s probably just my problem.
  • Rachel forwarded me an article yesterday that she (rightfully) thought would make my blood boil. Apparently doctors are prescribing Adderal (a type of speed!) for overweight kids in order to help them shed pounds and be just like the really good and cool thin kids.
    What can be said about this other than ##@%&*#%&? Look, I know I’m all in favour of scaling back the ‘War’ on [some] Drugs, but what insanity has taken hold of us? We’re giving kids speed because they’re overweight? Adderal hasn’t even been approved for use in weight-control. Yet fat is such an evil, such an abomination, such a sign of being from the lower classes that we must do whatever it takes–including using untested and unproven and highly-addictive drugs–to keep our kids skinny.
  • I hate it when my favourite bloggers do things like go and have babies. Their real lives really disrupt all my pajama time.

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Dear Grey’s Anatomy:

What the frak? Seriously. When did this show decide that it was going to devolve from a discussion of smart young people trying to find their way in the world and become instead a soapy Kama Sutra-A Go-Go?

Are you trying to convince me to never again have surgery? Because from what I can tell based on your program all surgeons are too busy worrying about their dead mothers and live libidos to actually pay attention to the practice of medicine.

And really, I’m kind of insulted at the recent turn you’ve taken with George. We are all well-aware (whether we wanted to be or not) that the actor playing George is gay in real life. So of course it appears that you’ve done one of the things I hate more than anything else–you’ve gone overboard to butch him up.

George’s original character served a valuable function on the show. He was the representation of heart, emotion and whole person caring, and served to show how badly modern medicine is lacking in these aspects. Yet all of a sudden–not too long after the ‘f—-t’ incident, George became Playboy extraordinare. We left interesting directions about his response to his father’s death, his defiance of his mentor and idol Burke and his maturing as a practitioner on the floor. Instead we get to have week after week dedicated to how much of a lusty buck he is–desired by women of all body types and ethnicities! It’s insulting. We in the audience never really cared that TR Knight was gay. Now this protracted playing out of “the actor may be gay but the character is SOOOO not!!!” is getting old. [It’s the flipside of my “I’m REALLY Straight” theory. 99% of the time that a straight actor plays a gay character they give about a jillion interviews waxing poetic about their wife and kids just to prove that the character they play on tv has nothing to do with them in real life. That dude who played “Will” on Will& Grace did this all the time.]

And speaking of those women who are now so hot for George’s doughy, puny bod, Izzy seems to have all of a sudden forgotten that the love of her life (whom she helped kill) is as dead as Latin. Now we’re supposed to believe, after many protracted weeks of her moroseness that Denny is a faint memory compared to her thang for George. I don’t buy it.

In fact, I wonder what happened to the show’s writers. This more and more feels as though the original writing team got tired of their jobs and handed off the work to a B-Team of soap opera veterans.

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Last night Aunt B. had a post which rang a few bells with me. She was discussing the misbegotten adventures of a woman in a store looking for advice on herbs from the clerk. Of course this is ridiculous. Store clerks are not qualified to diagnose and treat illness.

But I think it says something about how much our society secretly yearns for the lost art of the Wise Woman. I think that a part of every ailing person longs for the comfort of a mother, and modern medical care completely denies that. The purely clinical nature of 21st century treatment offers some level of physical healing but lacks the succor found in the craft of the Wise Woman. Medicine has pulled away from a healing art and morphed into a kind of dry, white, sterile science. In turn, the arts of herbal healing and insightful analysis are now annexed under the labels of Occult and Witchcraft. I believe that witchcraft exists, but I don’t believe that all Wise Women throughout history were witches. In fact, the history of medicine refers back to many texts about herbs and herbal lore.

I am a Christian and a woman. When I watch the Da Vinci Code fever sweep the world, when I hear about women asking other women for medical advice, whenever people talk reverently about Mary of Magdala it makes me realise again just how much we crave the sacred feminine. I believe, because the Bible said so, that we are made in God’s image. Male AND Female. Which means that I believe that God has as much an essence of femininity as masculinity. I believe, as David said, that the Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof. Which leads me to believe that the healing arts of the Wise Woman are as much God-directed as any medical care in a hospital.

There is always talk about how to “reshape” Christianity to refocus on the feminine aspects of God, as we continue to anthropomorphise God to meet our purposes. For me I’m content to let God be God and worship as such. But I would really like to see modern medicine reshaped. As clinical treatment strays further and further from the realm of the healing arts traditionally practiced by Wise Women it becomes less and less effective on a whole-person level. Two soon-to-be-released books–Better and How Doctors Think will once again talk about the flaws in modern medicine.

Flaws I believe could be healed by looking in the direction of holistic medicine. As with faith, I believe things are best when you consider the balance between the feminine and the masculine. Surely it could help medicine, too.

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So.  Who’s going to see this?  I’m normally a Tarantino-Opening Day person, but I’m not quite sure I’m sold on Grindhouse yet.

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So I’ve gotten myself caught up in a bit of a feud. (Yes, I’m certain that shocks all of you to your very core.) The long and the short of the matter is that some folks back in my hometown want to generate renewed interest in the downtown area. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. Problem is that they want to do it by leaving the existing Single A Minor League Baseball Field and relocating the team in a spanky new downtown field with condos and restaurants all around it.
Sound familiar?

So, I’m on the side of the angels in this, arguing against sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into something so completely wrongheaded. That’s just how we libertarians roll. The thing is that one of the local Metro Councilmen, a theoretical Republican, has decided that I Hate Fort Wayne and All Of It’s Leaders.

This came as a great surprise to my husband, who ferries me up there twice a year on nostalgic visits, going with me to all my favourite hometown places. It especially came as a great surprise to him since he has to put up with my occasional fits of wanting to move back there permanently. When I told my husband about it, his response was very enlightening.

That’s just like all those people who say that someone can’t love America if they don’t support the Iraq war. It’s ridiculous.

Which of course got me to thinking about a couple of things. First off, why exactly is it acceptable to assume that someone on the opposite side of a disagreement about policy doesn’t care about their community? Surely the very fact that they care enough to have an opinion shows they have a love for the place, be it a midsized Indiana city or the entire United States of America.

Second off, why is it automatically assumed that our Elected Officials are actually our leaders? The more I think about it, the more that very label angers me. If you are elected to a public office it should be because you are eager to serve as a representative of the people. Not because you want to be installed as some sort of money-mad spendthrift overlord. That’s the whole problem with our representative government. The men and women we elect think, mistakenly, that they’ve been vaunted to some sort of papal status whereby they are never wrong and are entitled to great profit from their actions.

Frankly, no one outside of a military or paramilitary organisation should refer to him- or herself as a leader. It’s like telling people you’re good in bed. It’s arrogant and really a decision that’s better left up to someone else.

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That’s what I’m talkin’ about. THAT was a good episode of Lost. It gave answers to big issues, moved the story forward and featured much good stuff.

Spoiler-y Thoughts From Here On Out

  • The only part that made me feel a bit like spraying my sandwich on the carpet was Kate’s bewildered reaction to Jack’s apparent relationship with Juliet. She seemed to have an “I thought he loved ME!” face. Of course the fact that I really am not Kate’s biggest fan means that I naturally assume she has the basest of motives.
  • Isn’t Locke fun to watch when he spars with Ben? Best line of the night “I just hope it’s big enough for you to imagine up another submarine.”
  • Okay. Who wants to bet me that Locke’s Dad (aka the Not-Hot Guy From Emergency) is also the con-man who ruined Sawyer’s family? Anyone? Because I’m betting that’s the case. The Island seems to be incestuous that way.
  • Well, we know that Locke can–and does–communicate with The Island. This would seem to mean that the Island is an entity of sorts. That’s kind of cool. It may also mean that the Island wants to keep Jack there. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Island is also acting as a sort of Avatar like Ben from Carnivale in that it gave Locke his health by taking from Island Ben.
  • I guess whichever Lost producer (Carlton Cuse, if I recall correctly) recently converted to Catholocism has gone overboard with a Church Of Rome fetish. The boy, Peter Talbot, is yet another character to take his name from religiophilosophical realm. Kudos to the writers for picking the name of a man who was murdered for his faith by persecutors. If we figure that Locke’s dad is a key persecutorial figure (and I would say that any man who pushes his son out a window would fit that description) then it’s fitting to name his murder victim after Archbishop Talbot.
  • And for even more historical geekery, Archbishop Peter Talbot served at the side of Charles II of England. King Charles died of kidney problems. (I am, of course, referencing Locke’s kidney problems. Insofar as one of the kidneys is missing and all….)

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Much discussion is being had at Alan Sepinwall’s place over the proposed changes to Veronica Mars.

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