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I am so bad about being on-time with birthday wishes for people. Yesterday was Lydia’s big day. Let’s all chip in and buy her a replacement for the creepy broken clown doll she has. Its head spins all the way round. In fact, I can’t wish her a happy birthday in person because I’m afraid she’ll whip out said clown doll just to see me cry!

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Girlfriend wants a milkshake. And a cheeseburger. I guess after not eating for two and a half days her body is yearning for the quick protein–vegetarian or no. They did take her off the morphine pump yesterday morning and tossed her a mercy Percocet. She was fine with this until she started walking. Two short trips and by 4:00 she was begging for the morphine again.

I personally think that the main reason they wanted her off morphine less than 12 hours after a major abdominal surgery has little to do with highminded goals like ‘preventing addiction’ . One of the less talked-about side effects of momo is ‘decreased gastric motility’. If you can’t discharge your patient until they’ve moved their bowels (which is a must after surgery), then why give them something that will slow that process down? The generally-accepted standard hospital stay for the type of surgery she has had is 6 days. They seem to want her out of there by Thursday. That’s three days. She says she’s okay with that because she wants to see her dog. I guess it’s good that she can look at the bright side.

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Dude, it’s been such a painful day for me to surf over onto Camp4U. Not only does it sound like an institution of higher learning where one studies chemical additives, it regularly causes me to wince. Now, The Rep has poisoned the well of pop culture with some serious revisionism. Stacey has removed his comments section so I am forced to post these thoughts here, for all 5 of you to see.

use to play a game in the 7th or 8th grade called the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon .The object of this game was to link by association any one in the world to movie star Kevin Bacon in 7 steps or less .It was fun and simple to do.

Now I have become Kevin Bacon and some people are doing all they can to link me to what ever they can (many times fabricating it on computer as they go along.We used to call this cheating when I played the game).

Some clarification for the 37-year-old elected official-cum-blogger is clearly in order.

Firstly. Dude. It’s SIX DEGREES. It has been Six degrees since the 1950s. Maybe in the last car corner of the world you all needed an extra degree that the statisticians at MIT failed to account for, I don’t know. I may be able to cut a small amount of slack for your possible regional necessities.

More importantly…when you were in 7th or 8th grade it was presumably 1980. Since Kevin Bacon had been in a grand total of four movies at that point this would have been really difficult to play. (Or maybe not. That extra degree may have been more necessary than I realized. Aha! It’s all coming together!)

I clearly remember the game in 1988 because I remember the guy I played it with. That was also right around the time that Bacon was having his first series of comeback films and seemed to be in every darned thing. The joke was that he was in every movie, so he could be linked easily to everyone. (He appeared in 4 films in 1988).

The board game was released many years later.

I realize I’m being inordinantly picky, and severely disappointing Bob Krumm and the wider constituency in the process. I flatter myself, however, that I am a lay (hah!) expert on actors who submit to full frontal nudity in feature films and insist on total accuracy when discussing them.

And now, that I’ve linked repeatedly to Campfield in one day, I too can be a “hate sight”.


I initially posted this in the comments section at Bob Krumm’s but got to thinking that maybe it’d be nice to add it here, too.

I’ve actually been getting the feeling after the past few days that as much heat as he gets, the guy really buys into the whole spirit of Thunderdome and doesn’t mind the bad press all that much. Hey, at least people are talking about him! Most politicians would consider that a boon.

He does seem to have a sense of humour. I enjoy that about him, honestly. Hence my Kevin Bacon thing, which Tim (Coble) tells me reads “cranky” but was really written in good fun. Tim (W)’s smileycons would come in handy right about now.

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Voodoo God Killers

Much is being made, and will be made of this article in the coming weeks. I first heard about it at another site and then read more detail at TV On The Fritz.

The paper, published in the Journal of Religion and Society, a US academic journal, reports: “Many Americans agree that their churchgoing nation is an exceptional, God-blessed, shining city on the hill that stands as an impressive example for an increasingly sceptical world.

“In general, higher rates of belief in and worship of a creator correlate with higher rates of homicide, juvenile and early adult mortality, STD infection rates, teen pregnancy and abortion in the prosperous democracies.

The original study, authored by Gregory S. Paul further conforms to that author’s preconceptions. Paul is a noted expert on paleontology, and is available for speaking engagements to refute young-earth creationists. He is also noted for authoring such works as “The Great Scandal: Christianity Role in the Rise of the Nazi Scandal”, Free Inquiry, Vol. 23 No. 4, Pg. 22

Needless to say, when it comes to Christianity, Paul is –while ironically named–not necessarily its biggest fan. He goes to great length in this article to show that religion as it stands in enmity with evolution is a negative societal factor.

Yet he himself admits

This is not an attempt to present a definitive study that establishes cause versus effect between religiosity, secularism and societal health

Good thing, too. There are too many causal factors within any society to draw a post hoc ergo propter hoc argument such as the one Paul flirts with in this document. (Rejection of secular humanism gives your kids gonorrhea!!!) Without any pretense toward a true controlled study there is no way to reconcile the pudding of data points Paul provides into any cohesive conclusion.

Why do I care? Because this is the kind of thing that walks and quacks like the duck of science and gets everyone repeating snatches of it as fact. The London Times portrays this as a scientific study which reaches a conclusion. To the average reader it appears as though this is real science, conducted according to the scientific method and reaching a definitively provable conclusion. In truth this is one man working from a bias (as I indeed would be were I to write such a paper) to publish a collection of data points from which he has drawn a decidedly biased conclusion. He has not subjected this information to the rigorous standards of scientific method. Therefore it is as much to be taken on faith as anything in the Bible.

Secular Humanism is its own religion. They just tend to use bigger words and elevate themselves to the position of god.

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This Is My Jesus

Hat tip:The Gathering

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The Rep’s latest unintentional misspelling causes me great discomfort:

I tried to allow wide birth on peoples opinion.

It just makes me cross my legs….

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Sharon called ME this morning. She was up and around at 8:15! She’s not requiring that much morphine to manage the pain, and is happily beginning the day as all people should–with a Van Morrison album.

They still aren’t sure whether or not the growths were cancerous, but the doctor doesn’t think so. We’ll know for sure in a week.

One concern that you can all keep in your prayers is that she is having trouble breathing…the doctors will be inserting a breathing tube later this morning. Breathing difficulties are a not-uncommon side effect to both opiate pain management and abdominal surgery. Given the way she’s mastered everything else, I imagine this will go well, too. She is a trooper.


I misunderderstood her earlier message. She is not having a breathing tube inserted. She’s receiving breathing treatments.

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This AP News Article talks about a newly discovered possible early warning sign of the dread memory-loss disease.

Unexplained weight loss in older people might be an early signal of Alzheimer’s disease, appearing several years before the memory lapses that define the illness, according to an intriguing but unproven new theory.
Study co-author Dr. David Bennett, director of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, says the results raise the possibility that the disease attacks brain regions involved in regulating food intake and metabolism, as well as memory, and that weight loss is an early symptom.

Wow. Interesting theory. I think Alzheimer’s is the thing that everyone fears most about getting old. If man is the sum of his memories, then any loss of memory is a loss of identity as well. I go back and forth about it. I certainly don’t want Alzheimer’s, but my great grandmother had it. She couldn’t eat or go to the bathroom by herself and died at 98. Although in her mind the only memories she had were of her childhood, when she was young and happy. In her mind her parents and beloved sister were still alive. In her mind she was picking berries in Northern Michigan, not crapping herself in a Detroit nursing home. I can’t see where that was all bad.

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I told her that’s what I’d call these posts. She didn’t seem to love it, but what does she know? Girlfriend’s trippin’ on a morphine drip.

She’s come out of surgery without any complications, which is a huge answer to all of the prayers floating in the blogosphere. The doctors didn’t see any signs of cancer remaining and have sent the excised tissues to pathology to have the growths analyzed. The fact that she’s been given a clean bill of health is just amazing.

They plan on keeping her for 3 or 4 more days. She’s experiencing Hendrix and (hopefully) Terrapin Station as they were meant to be received–through the purple haze of the morphine drip.

My personal experience is that she’ll remember nothing of it, but who knows?

Keep her in your prayers, and I’ll keep you updated.

(That’s not meant to be quid pro quo. I’ll still update you ,even if you’re not the praying sort. We’re an equal-opportunity blabbermouth.)

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Brittney hates it when people try to say what other people are thinking.

For once, I’m not even gonna try, because I can’t grasp it.

Ashton & Demi got married.

I don’t know which one is the more insanely desperate. I really can’t tell.


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