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We had a healthy debate about this a few days ago over at Jason’s , and the thought has still been bouncing around in my head.

Christianity has existed for about 1972 years, give or take a decade or so. In that time there have been all manner of folks claiming the Cross as their standard and using it to justify their worldly behaviour. In all these years there have been many more attributing all manner of illsto Christians.

As a believer I am firmly rooted in the opinion that I must apologize profusely for any wrongs I committ, knowingly or unknowingly. Matthew 7:16 emphasizes that we are known by the fruit of our actions, and I’ve had many a rotting fig dangling.

I still can’t shake the idea, though, that it’s judgmental and kind of gossipy to apologize for other Christians’ malfeasance. “Hey you, I’m sorry that Johnny McSaved and his uncontrolled lust for goats gives The Faith a bad name!”

To me, that just looks like telling tales out of school. In some cases, it even means that people end up showing their ignorance about historical events as they fall over themselves to make nice for Christ.

he did apologize for “the missionaries who landed in Mexico and came up through the West slaughtering Indians in the name of Christ.”

which missionaries were those? the conquistadors did that, but the missionaries… did a great job of actually reaching people where they were

For the most part, we’re enthusiastic about our Saviour and ourGreat Commission duties. That’s a good thing. But are we so busy mote-busting our brethren that we carry the wrong message? You tell me.

Ultimately, these folk said it best: The CHURCH is not our model…Jesus is.

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Get your position here

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Many of my blogfriends (you nerds know who you are) are way off into Firefly.

It aired two or three years ago on Fox and was cancelled pretty quickly. I don’t remember hearing anyone talk about it, and now with the movie coming out, I’m feeling the pressure to get involved.

I love space movies, and have ever since I was 6. I also love Westerns. As far as I’m concerned, Silverado is one of the best movies made. Ever. I used to say there was no such thing as a bad Western until I saw this pretentious piece of revisionist drivel.

Honestly, though, folks. Is combining a Western with Sci Fi a good move? Should I try to get my hands on the boxed set and get a feel for the thing or should I just let this particular fanboy train pass me by?

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Kay West reviews Bistro 2one5 this week.

Tim and I first ate there in March of this year, and have been back several times since. Other than their waitress telling us we ordered too much food the last time we were there, we’ve always enjoyed it.

I was unaware they had recently introduced an Artisan Cheese Plate. I think I shall go back. Cheese holds a very specific power over me. If you decide to go, I recommend either the Spinach Pistou pasta or the Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes.

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Hat Tip : Kathy Shaidle.

Fred Phelps and his group actually do not refer to themselves as Christians.

File this under ‘thank God for small huge favours’.

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The Scene has a great story about Perry’s time in Mexico.

Am I the only one who thinks this guy is a menace?

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Nashvillians are in a tizzy over this article which lists Tennessee as having the fifth-highest rate for obesity. Blake Wylie extrapolites a political philosophy from the data, while Sarah Moore draws her own conclusions.

I am fat. It’s not a secret once you’ve seen me in person. (Sorry, you’ll have to take my word for it. I don’t generally allow my picture to be taken.) I have been on nearly every diet in the world. I am not lazy and I don’t eat like a pig. I work out strenuously during the times when my body will allow me to. I go to McDonalds about once a month. If I had my way I’d be thin so that people wouldn’t look at me with disgust when I unload my grocery cart and waiters would stop telling me that I’ve ordered too much food in their restaurant. I don’t generally care what others think of me, because I don’t have that much time. There are occasions, however, that I’d like to not be sneered at simply for existing.

Weight prejudice in this country seems to be escalating. People are using the new cudgle of ‘health concern’ to wield this fancy exclusionism. While they pretend to be the equivalent of a sweet grandma reminding you to take your sweater on a fall day, they are really disseminating the twin evils of classism and appearance prejudice. Overweight is presumed to be growing (ha!) problem, based on flawed and inflated statistics.
In most cases, this problem has been wholly manufactured in order to increase interference in the personal lives of free Americans.

In my own case, I was fat before the statistics changed. I’m just as fat now, but technically I’m fatter. Maybe now I’ll spend my money on one of the diet companies that sponsors the hype.

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About 10 years ago Tim and I had a legitimate reason to visit the campus of Regent University, where Pat Robertson is safely ensconsed. It’s a nice campus down in Virginia, not far from Norfolk Naval Base. The grounds are beautifully kept, and the only overt sign of Robertson’s fiefdom are the large satellite dishes used to beam The 700 Club to televisions everywhere.

Contrast that with the Richardson Families. These Mennonite missionaries
have committed their lives to answering God’s call to Venezuela through New Tribes Missions. These couples, and others like them, have moved to Venezuela to translate Scriptures for various tribes, plant churches, and provide medical care. A quick read-through of the prayers page for Venezuela shows the hard and rewarding work these people have in bringing the Gospel to people who hunger and thirst for righteousness. There are many.

Yanomami tribe, Venezuela (April 19th, 2005): Nine Yanomamis hiked eight days through the jungle to ask for a missionary. Their desperation was evident to missionary pilot Steffan Pyle. Pray that God will send laborers.

When Robertson, safe on the other side of the television camera, makes careless remarks he jeopardizes this very real work. He also jeopardizes the lives of these missionaries, as well as the lives of the tribespeople with whom they live.

We are called to be in this world, not of it. Advocating murder seems to definitely cross that line.

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Pat Robertson wants us to kill Hugo Chavez.

Pat calls himself a minister of the Gospel. You know, the gospel where it says “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us unless we held a differing political ideology from the church leaders.”

Or maybe it’s the gospel that says “greater love hath no Man than he who encourages the assasination of people he doesn’t agree with.”

Or maybe it’s the gospel that says “don’t worry about the log in your eye…just ignore it and advocate the murder of others.”

You know, I’m not a big fan of Hugo Chavez. I think the man is twisted evil. But I don’t get to make the call on whether he lives or dies, because my God License hasn’t yet come in the mail.

Someone should point Pat to Hebrews 6:6

ETC: Cesar to Hugo. I have Cesar Chavez on the brain. Must be all of the grapes…

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We went to dinner at Caeser’s last week and saw a girl about 11 or 12 wearing a t-shirt that said

“If it weren’t for BOYS, I’d drop out of school.”

Stellar parenting, folks.

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