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The current “discussion” among my Harry Potter For Grownups enthusiasts is that J.K. Rowling has created a World War II analogy in the Harry Potter series.

Everyone is hot to trot for the Voldemort=Hitler analogy. They are both half-breeds who advocate pure blood and they are both crazy murdering sumbeeches. They’ve further decided that Cornelius Fudge=Neville Chamberlain and Albus Dumbledore=Winston Churchill.

Being a devout Churchillian, I won’t go into the scores of points on where the analogy falls down except to say that Chamberlain actually advocated peace with the Germans. Fudge, in all of his stumbumblery never did that.

Following their proposed analogy through to its definite conclusion, I would say that Harry has to be America. The anointed young upstart who survived mostly unscathed after the first battle (WWI).

If Harry is America, the scar is probably Gary, Indiana.

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I TiVo’d The Day After Tomorrow in a thirst for a good disaster movie. Which this wasn’t, but I was desperate.

All the good “disaster” takes place within the first third of the movie, and is intercut with long (!) scenes of meetings (!!!). After that the movie turns from a disaster/war pic into a survival movie. The highlight was watching mathletes holed up in the NYC public library and burning books to stay alive. I have a weird inability to watch people burn books, no matter what the reason. (The fact that the movie is written and directed by a German doesn’t make the whole book-burning thing go down easier.)

While I had myriad problems with the bad science, bad adventure and geopolitical nonsense by far the most irksome part was the scene where two minor characters discuss the “fact” that Friedrich Nietzsche was the greatest living thinker of the nineteenth century. Please. Nietzsche is the pet philosopher of lonely boys in their mothers’ basements and frustrated postcard painters in Vienna. Yeah, yeah, I know that what doesn’t kill me makes me look into the abyss or whatever but please. I tend to think that a century which gave us Kierkegaard and Hegel does not deserve to be so maligned.

The only characters I cared about by the end of the movie–the bum’sstreet person’s dog and the Gutenberg Bible–survived.

Bibliophile Side Note: The movie asserts that the copy of the Gutenberg Bible in the Rare Books Room at the NYPL is the “only surviving copy.” There are actually 48 in existence presently , with many far south enough to have avoided the cataclysm in the movie.

And the copy in the RBR NYPL has two volumes, not one.

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Tim: “Before we go in here, please remember that people like Patrick and Lydia read your blog.”

Me: “So you’re saying I shouldn’t go through with the ‘From MARTA to Mammaries post I was going to do?”

Tim: silence.

And so it was that we set foot into Hooters Hermitage for the first time.

Why? Well, hop in the wayback machine….

4 hours earlier we left the house. Today’s errands were brought to us by the Letter “L”…Library, Lunch, Lowes, and Let Us Test Your Emissions. In Tennessee we have this policy whereby you cannot renew your tags unless you pass MARTA, which stands for Man, Are you Ready to Take it up the………tailpipe. We failed a month ago, and spent $900 to have all of the OBD trouble codes fixed. If you know what I’m talking about you either are into cars or have been through this circus yourself. Tim went back yesterday. We failed again because Firestone replaced the wrong oxygen sensor. Again, I’m just reporting…no idea what any of this means. The nice men at Firestone fixed their mistake this morning free of charge and sent us on our way to be retested. Trip #3, for those counting.

We waited in line for a very hot 10 minutes in a car with no A/C. We failed. Why? There is a lightbulb burnt out on our dash. Specifically, the lightbulb which lights up the words “Check Engine”. Now, I can appreciate that seeing those words is important, and provides your average driver with some good facts, namely that your engine may need to be checked.


Simple question, which no one can answer. The nice lady who tested us explained that “the light there is required to come on”. Okay. Personally, I think that since the light’s off/on status has NOTHING TO DO WITH CLEANER AIR IN TENNESSEEE the fact that we have to spend $39.95 to get it fixed, plus another 3 hours driving to and fro Firestone and MARTA Hut is ridiculous.

So, since we were dropping our car off to have the bulb replaced, grinding our teeth the whole way (Dentist Bill…..), I had the bright idea to leave Grover with them and have the A/C fixed as well. This means renting a car from Enterprise for the weekend. True to their word, Enterprise will pick you up. However, if they don’t have a car right away you have to wait. So, we knocked around the Goodwill store (Book Sale. There goes another chunk o’ change) and Hobby Lobby. Christmas Decorations!!! Yay!!! Just In Time For 4th of July!!!

With nothing else to do, and the Golden Goat closed for midday buffet restocking, I encouraged my husband to let us sit down in the only open restaurant in the area. Hooters. It wasn’t bad. It was brightly lit and well-paneled. I drew the line at pinning a dollar bill to our waitress’ sash, even though that’s apparently some Hooter Hostess’ Birthday Tradition and Jessica was very excited about it. It made me feel a little too lap-dancy.

Tim (bless his heart) kept his eye on the ESPN tv screens while I watched the waitresses. I felt so Gloria Steinem-y, and pointed out that for waiting tables, their outfits were very comfortable. They get good supportive socks and tennis shoes.

Tim: “If my daughter ever comes to me and says ‘Dad, this job is great, I’ve got comfortable shoes’ I’m going to have something to say about it.”

The wings are okay, but they charge extra for the celery.

The rental car we finally got, two hours later? A Space Hearse.

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Two workers for PETA have been arrested for the improper disposal of animal corpses.

PETA euthanizes. Great. I love that this precedent is set–soon I expect we will be treating the elderly and infirm to ethical treatment.

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I studied Political Science and Philosophy in college, so I should really care a lot more about the whole European Union thing.

The thing is, I just don’t. I hear people talk about it and I start to glaze over. Maybe it’s from my religious background, with prophecy-junkies insisting that The Beast With 10 Heads in Revelation was some European common union. Maybe it’s because I’m still angry about the whole Metric System debacle. [ Damn it, I want my Coke in pint bottles. Fie on your “half-litre” crap!!!!!] Whatever the cause, I find myself wholly unmoved to care about the wacky goings-on. I think when the dust settles, nationalism will win out, as it always has in Western Europe. I just hope that some nutjob doesn’t decide to revive the Pagan traditions and start a Nationalist State Party. Again.

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Through a link from Instapundit I found this article , scathingly headlined.

Are Arab Professors Masterminding Terror?

Now, as Lydia will tell you, I am staunchly pro-Israel. That’s why this headline bothers me so much. The article beneath the banner details important facts and chronolgies about the current trial of two instructors at the University of South Florida.

Why, then, is the headline so crude and inflammatory? I’d like to think that those of us Herzlians who find ourselves so outnumbered in popular opinion would not stoop to tactics of the enemy.

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Tim: That was cool that that guy emailed you about your blog

Me: It was actually a comment in the comment section. I guess that I got linked to by the News 2 woman and by Lacy of Lacy and Steve.

Tim: Yeah, thanks for clearing that up…the “and Steve” part. Like you would have been linked by Lacey of Cagney and Lacey .

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This Nina Simone song is on one of my regular playlists, and it’s very pretty. The lyrics are almost so depressing, though, that it’s actually funny.

Compassion a/k/a Compensation

Because I have loved so deeply
Because I haved loved so long
God in his great compassion
Gave me the gift of song

Because I have loved so vainly
Sung with such faltering breath
Oh, oh, oh, the master in
His infinite mercy
Offers the boon of death

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Oh, Micah.

You tried your level best to persuade me to give over a Benjamin for .Mac . Your big selling point was that I would get a free download of Sims 2 Body Shop plus a $10 rebate on Sims 2 for Mac.


The Body Shop program is ON THE DVD, me lad.

I am so disappointed in you.

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This is the latest dorm-room-pot-smoker-koan that is being beaten to death discussed by my Harry Potter For Grown Ups list. There is large contingent supporting a Christological interpretation of the Harry Potter series. Their vote is that Voldemort was not made evil and will therefore be redeemed when Harry (presumably) triumphs at the end of Book 7.

While I’m all for allegorical Christian fantasy , and I’m all for using Harry Potter to open the door to evangelical witness is it so wrong for me to want to see the bad guy punished?

I’ve sat through enough “Have You Hugged Your Sith Lord Today?”

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